FAQ - Mainnet Beta

This page details all information related to DeGate Mainnet Beta

What is Mainnet Beta, how does it work?

Mainnet Beta is the final testing phase before the official Public Mainnet launch. During this phase, users are able to trade real assets using limit orders. Users can simply create a decentralized DeGate account and add funds.

How long will Mainnet Beta phase last for?

Mainnet Beta will run for approximately 8~12 weeks. However, this duration may be adjusted based on the results of the ongoing $1.11 million Bug Bounty program with Immunefi. Learn more about the Bug Bounty program at https://immunefi.com/bounty/degate/

What happens after Mainnet Beta?

Once Mainnet Beta is complete, DeGate will move forward with the Public Mainnet launch, which will be deployed in the same environment as Mainnet Beta.

What are the security audits done for Mainnet Beta?

Security is viewed as one of the top priorities at DeGate. For more information on DeGate security audits, please visit https://docs.degate.com/what-is-degate/security-and-audits/. (Update Sep '23) In addition, DeGate also has an ongoing $1.11 million Bug Bounty program with Immunefi. Learn more at https://immunefi.com/bounty/degate/.

What are the official contract addresses within DeGate protocol for Beta?

This is the only official link for all current contract deployments within DeGate protocol - https://docs.degate.com/what-is-degate/deployment-address

Why are there so few trading pairs?

DeGate is currently on Mainnet Beta, and we will progressively expand the selection of trading pairs and liquidity. Additionally, DeGate supports the Permissionless Listing feature, allowing anyone to list tokens on DeGate orderbook DEX. For further details information, visit https://docs.degate.com/main-features/permissionless-listing

I am unable to access Mainnet Beta

If you're having trouble accessing Mainnet Beta, please get in touch with DeGate Discord at https://discord.gg/degate and open a ticket to share your request.

Was there a previous Mainnet Beta deployment?

Yes, Mainnet Beta is the redeployment of the previous Mainnet Beta(Legacy). This strategic upgrade reinforces protocol security, ensuring DeGate protocol is always 100% trustless. All assets in the old environment have been automatically withdrawn as per protocol design and returned to users' registered Ethereum wallet addresses via the shutdown mode. More details can be found in this article -> https://medium.com/degate/degate-mainnet-beta-redeployment-oct-2023-e07c8eeaec4c

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