DeGate Testnet: Get Free Testnet Tokens on Goerli

The DeGate public testnet is now live. Since DeGate testnet runs on the Ethereum Goerli test network, you can get free testnet tokens to experience DeGate before our main launch.

Step 1: Get Goerli ETH from the following faucet sites: (Registration required)

Get 200 USDC AND 200 USDT instantly on your first fund addition on Goerli.

In order to make DeGate testnet a more seamless experience for users, we will airdrop 200 USDC AND 200 USDT upon their first fund addition.

Receive 200 USDC AND 200 USDT test tokens instantly

There are no requirements on your first fund addition, all token additions will be eligible for the free 200 USDC AND 200 USDT test tokens. The stablecoins will be sent to your wallet via DeGate internal transfer mechanism almost instantly after the completion of your first fund addition.

Internal transfer of 200 USDC AND 200 USDT

You can also test other altcoins trades using ETH through DeGate on Goerli.

Since DeGate supports permissionless listing, feel free to register any other ERC20 test tokens and create new trading pairs. Please note that you are unable to use the testnet token to make purchases "in real life" as they will only work in a testing environment.


Please refer to the DeGate Testnet Guidebook for exploring more features.

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