Product Feature

Historical Data

DeGate offers extensive access to individual account's historical data where each user can query on different devices. The data can be classified into three categories:
  • My Orders
  • Asset Records
  • Account Activities

My Orders

Active and closed data from both regular order and grid strategy are displayed. Up to three months of data can be accessed through the website and one year of historical data can be downloaded.

Asset History

All deposits, withdraw, and transfer lifetime records are displayed. Each data contains the status of each transaction and also where the standard deposit's Processing Fee for Deposit is conducted.

Account Activities

The lifetime account data of all other important transactions are displayed. This includes:
  • Reset Asset Private Key
  • Permissionless Listing
  • Create Trading Pair
  • Processing Fee for Deposit
  • On-chain Order Cancellation
  • On-chain Grid Strategy Cancellation