Historical Data

The DeGate node provides very detailed account history data that can be accessed on different devices. Historical data is divided into three sections:

  • Orders

  • Asset History

  • Miscellaneous


This section displays data about ordinary and grid strategy orders, including open and closed orders. The website provides access to information about ordinary orders and transactions over the previous three months. Users can also download historical data over the previous year.

Asset History

This section displays all the deposits, withdrawals and transfer records since beginning. Users can view the status of every record. The Paid Deposit operation for standard deposits is also completed in this section.


This section displays other important account records, including:

  • Resetting of the Asset Private Key

  • Permissionless token listing

  • Adding a trading pair

  • Paid deposits

  • Order cancellation on-chain

  • Grid strategy cancellation on-chain

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