Listing your token on DeGate DEX

DeGate supports Permissionless Listing, allowing anyone to list tokens on the exchange without prior approval. With this feature, individuals or projects can independently add their tokens to DeGate DEX, broadening the range of trading options available to users without relying on centralized gatekeepers.

The following is a step-by-step guide on how you can list your token on DeGate DEX

Phase 1 - Listing your token

Phase 2 - Providing liquidity for your token pair

Phase 1 - Listing your Token

Note: Rebase tokens are not supported on DeGate DEX. For more details, please refer to

You can also head to "My Balance" -> "History" -> "Miscellaneous". Check on the status of the "Token Listing" and proceed to add "Quote Token"

1.2 Choose Quote Token

Note: Only USDC/USDT/ETH are being supported as Quote Token. For more details, please refer to

1.3 Other requests (such as adding a logo to a token pair or activating "standard add funds" function)

Please open a Discord ticket at to submit your request. The team will respond within 24 hours.

For logo requests, please ensure your logo is in PNG format with a transparent background.

Phase 2 - Providing Liquidity for your Token Pair

2.1 Add your token into DeGate DEX

2.2 Activate Grid Trading feature by placing 1 sell limit order and 1 buy limit order

Tips: 1)Best practice - The initial buy order and sell order should be placed in close proximity to each other, with minimum spread. 2)Ensure buy/sell order size > 100 USDC. For more details, please refer to

2.3 Head to "Grid Trading" tab, and select your token

2.4 Define parameters for providing liquidity to your token

Tips: Price Range - A wider price range is encouraged Initial Allocation - Higher allocation results in deeper liquidity for your token trading pair Number of Grids - More grids lead to a more efficient order book for your token

2.5 Providing liquidity to your token trading pair

Note: For more strategies on Grid Trading, please refer to

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