A brief introduction to the DeGate Bridge

DeGate L1-L2 Asset Bridge is now live on Arbitrum

The purpose of DeGate Bridge is to foster the Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem, and therefore, DeGate charges zero fees to use the bridge — only gas costs apply.
The launch of the L1-L2 Asset Bridge marks a milestone for DeGate, which aims to become the leading liquidity hub on Ethereum Layer 2. DeGate, which is DAO-centric and natively built on Layer 2 Arbitrum, is getting ready to launch DeGate DEX, which will offer limit order capabilities in the decentralized trading environment for the users.
DeGate Asset Bridge makes the transfer to and back from Layer 2 much faster- there is no need to wait for 7 days in the case of a native bridge for optimistic rollups. DeGate makes this possible by operating pools both on Layer 1 and Layer 2. The user is able to do the transfer in one transaction.
DeGate Bridge uses cold/warm/hot wallets mechanism to lower the risk of asset management. Welcome to the DeGate zero-fee Bridge !
  • The Bridge supports ETH / USDC, the liquidity is limited and will be increased over time with growing confidence. These limitations on the beta phase are due to strict verification to resolve disputes that are uncompleted. As of September 24, DeGate DAO has doubled the liquidity of ETH on DeGate L1- L2 Bridge
  • Adding to liquidity pool is only open to whitelisted users currently, including DeGate Home DAO; the Bridge is open to project owners to list their assets, please contact DeGate for more information.
  • BUG bounty is open to the public. Send email to [email protected]