This page details all information related to the DeGate bridge

Why should I use DeGate bridge instead of other bridges?

That's an easy question! DeGate bridge 1) is one of the fastest way to get onto #Ethereum <=> #Arbitrum 2) NO 7 day wait period 3) ZERO fee to use the bridge

What tokens does the DeGate bridge supports?

The DeGate bridge current supports ETH and USDC. If you are a project owner and would like to list your assets, kindly contact us here.

Can I use DeGate bridge to bridge my tokens from Arbitrum One back to Ethereum?

Yes you can! The DeGate bridge works both ways; you can bridge your tokens from ETH->ARB1 or from ARB1->ETH. Kindly note we only support ETH/USDC for the moment.

Can I bridge WETH over to Arbitrum One?

Unfortunately, you are not able to do so. Kindly unwrap your tokens using any DEX before your bridge them over!

Will my tokens be wrapped on Arbitrum One?

The bridge only supports ETH/USDC. For example, if you bridge ETH over to Arbitrum One, you will get ETH tokens on Arbitrum One.

How long will does each transaction usually take?

Each transaction will usually take 10 minutes, no more 7 days wait between Ethereum and Arbitrum One!

My transaction has been pending for hours, what should I do?

Not to worry, your tokens are SAFE! There might be some issues backend and our tech team is constantly working to ensure all transactions goes through. All transactions will be logged. In the unlucky event your transaction fails, your tokens will be returned to your wallet.

Is there anyway I can cancel my transaction? I do not want to bridge my tokens over to Arbitrum One anymore

Unfortunately, you are unable to cancel any transactions. Not to worry, you can always change your mind! To rectify, you can simply bridge your tokens back using the DeGate bridge. There is NO 7 day wait so you can change your mind as many times as you wish!

Are there any plans to launch more tokens on the DeGate bridge?

The DeGate bridge currently supports ETH and USDC, more tokens will be planned along the way. If you are a project owner and would like to list your assets, kindly reach out via our discord channel (

DeGate bridge is not available for me to use. How can i use it?

DeGate bridge is not available in all countries, kindly install VPN before using the DeGate bridge.

Who provides the liquidity for the DeGate bridge currently?

Currently, the liquidity on both L1 and L2 is provided by DeGate DAO. Positive arbitrage opportunities may arise because the DeGate bridge employs the AMM model - you can read more about it here (

Why is the slippage so high on DeGate bridge for higher amounts of ETH/USDC?

The bridge is still in beta phase, more liquidity will be added to both L1 and L2 pools as we gather more feedback from the community in general. For optimal slippage on the DeGate bridge, we would recommend to do < 10 ETH per transaction. So break it up into a couple of transactions if you have a large amount to bridge over. Do note all transactions will be stopped if slippage is more than 10% in order to put the user's interest first.
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