The only thing that doesn't change is change itself. The ability to adapt quickly as the market condition evolves is paramount to us, and thereby places great importance on governance structure.

Foundational principles

While Home DAO pertains the right to change almost everything about the DeGate protocol, we view the following points as our foundational principles – whereby as a social contract that will not be lightly altered.
  • Home DAO will be responsible for 100% of the losses caused by DeGate protocol’s own negligence.
  • Home DAO will aim to minimize the tyranny of (token) majority.
  • The governance structure should be conducted via a two-tiered DAO system that balances stability and flexibility.

Two-tiered DAO system

The governance of the protocol will be conducted via a two-tiered system: Home DAO and Council DAO.
  • Home DAO owns and controls the DeGate protocol, and is thereby entitled to the revenue generated.
  • Council DAO is entrusted by the Home DAO to manage the day-to-day decision-making.
Last modified 10mo ago