Home DAO
Home DAO owns and controls the DeGate protocol, and is thereby entitled to the revenue generated:
  • Revenue generated will typically be converted into DG token and custodied within the Home DAO account / treasury.
  • Council DAO members will be selected via an election process, where DG token will act as votes.
  • Home DAO will allocate budgets to Council DAO from time to time and entrust Council DAO to exercise capital allocation power at its discretion.
  • The Council DAO smart contract is beholden to Home DAO. In other words, Home DAO would have the ability to freeze and withdraw Council DAO funds, in effect ability to re-elect Council DAOs.
  • Home DAO can vote with its DG token on any governance proposals. Governance proposals can be initiated by both Council DAO and DG token holders (subject to minimal DG ownership requirement).
  • Major matters will be decided by Home DAO directly. What defines as “major matter” will be either clarified in the subsequent DeGate Governance Whitepaper after extensive community discussion, or whatever the Council DAO deems as such. We believe Home DAO’s ability to decide on major matters helps with stability and consistency of decision making and will help garnering trust.

Home DAO account

Home Dao will be initially managed by a multi-signature smart contract, and can be upgraded to an open sourced DAO management tool through governance.
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