T&C for Referral Bounty Program
Some simple Terms & Conditions
Inform Candidates - Please inform all Candidates that their details are being shared with our partner or us.
Accepted Referral - All submissions must first be accepted by our partner or us in order to qualify for the Bounty. A submission is considered accepted if you hear back from our partner or us about your submission. This is to avoid any misunderstanding and candidate ownership issues that might arise.
Candidate Ownership - We seek your understanding that in the event a candidate is already known to our partner or us, or has been presented by another party, then we are unable to recognise your Referral. As a general rule of thumb, the party who presented the candidate earliest will hold the ownership and the entitled Bounty if successful.
Successful Candidate - A candidate who has successfully been selected for the role.
Bounty Reward - Bounty will only be rewarded to a successful candidate. The payout will be 3 months after the candidate starts on the role. Bounty will be issued as a token, the recipient will have the choice of DG Tokens (ERC20) or USDC (ERC20).
Last modified 3mo ago
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