DeGate Community Ambassadors

👋 Hello there!

DeGate DAO is building an order book-centric Decentralised Exchange (DEX) trading protocol on Ethereum L2, utilising a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) structure that has full control over its treasury.
DeGate is a platform with a future that depends on the people and projects around the world that believes in a decentralised, permissionless and trustless future. The DeGate Community Ambassador program is thus borned with these values in mind. Whether you’re an artist in Brazil, a developer in Dubai, a podcaster in Singapore, an event organizer in Vietnam; there is always a place for you in the DeGate community as we journey into our Vision - Towards Liberty and Order in the Crypto World.
If you are ready, complete the application form now to join the DeGate Community Ambassador program. ⤵ 🎉
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Who Can Join

Everyone with a keen interest in crypto is more than welcome! Whether developers or non-technical enthusiasts, our ambassadors are all driven by the same desire to actively contribute to the success of DeGate.
The program is not just for developers, with many of our members contributing in other areas such as events, translation, content and education. This is a vibrant environment of proactive people that will evolve together with the crypto community at large. Let's work together to build a great community and product. 🎉

What You'll Be Doing

  • Create content by writing articles, videos, memes or contributing to community
  • Host meet-ups and present on behalf of DeGate
  • Represent your region in the community
  • Get support for initiatives that support the DeGate mission
  • Participate in regular update calls with team and other ambassadors

What You'll Need

  • A strong passion for all things crypto-related
  • A firm belief for decentralisation, permissionless, trustless systems
  • Good experience in using various DeFi protocols
  • Decent following on various social media platforms, passionate about leading communities
  • Good ability in English + your native language, as there is a need to communicate in both languages with internal, and external stakeholders, global users etc
  • Eagerness to get more involved with the DeGate team and help the project grow
  • Interested in networking with other people in the blockchain community
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